Volunteer Opportunities

Panelists share knowledge at the Political Brunch during Alumni Weekend.

Join our Campaign Volunteer Leaders

Campaign for GW Volunteers lead the charge, consulting with university and school/college administrators to plan long term strategy and engage the community to achieve GW's aspirations.

Learn more about volunteer leaders
Alumni at a networking event.

Mentor and Guide Students

Our alumni volunteers guide students on career paths by hosting a dinner or information session, or joining a career advisory network.  Learn more about guiding and assisting GW students as they seek to make history.

Many ways to help aspiring students
Alumni and students meet Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder at the 2013 Frank Howard Distinguished Lecture

Share your Knowledge

Share your unique experiences through a special event or lecture, or by becoming a career advisor for GW students.

Share your experience


Sharing your time and talent

Alumni and students meet at a networking event.

The extended classroom of Washington, D.C., provides  GW students access to truly unique experiences. The experience that you can offer as a mentor or advisor can be even more valuable.

Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer Leaders bring their knowledge to bear in promoting program initiatives and leading long term planning strategies.  They foster collaboration between GW and local, national, and global leaders to help our students attain their goals to make history, and their efforts show the highest dedication to GW’s past and future. Learn more about campaign committee volunteers and school and college advisory boards.

Alumni Volunteers

Our alumni volunteers guide students on career paths by hosting a dinner or information session, or share experiences at lectures or special events, such as our summer send-offs for new GW community members or the 'How Do I Become A..." Lecture series. 

Your knowledge and enthusiasm contribute to our mission of excellence and help students make the most of their GW experience.