George Washington envisioned a university in the heart of the nation’s capital to serve as America’s great intellectual hub, educating future generations of citizen-leaders.

The George Washington University is now at a critical juncture. As we approach our 200th anniversary in 2021,  we are undertaking an ambitious and comprehensive $1 billion philanthropic campaign to carry us to the future outlined in Vision2021, our dynamic strategic plan.

By combining GW's unmatched location, faculty and student talent pools, and relationships with influential organizations, GW students are poised to produce historic achievements on a truly global scale.

To make our vision a reality we need your support to:

Support Students

  • Admitted Student Days

    Support Students

    In the classroom, on campus, at an internship, on the field, in the community: GW students are leaders.

    With your support, we can work to open GW's doors to all qualified students who hope to attend.

Enhance Academics

  • GroW Garden Offers a Lesson in Sustainability

    Enhance Academics

    Learning does not—and should not—stop at the end of class.

    With your support, we can do more to help talented students and faculty apply their skills and passions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Break New Ground

  • Energy Lab

    Break New Ground

    Our faculty and students tackle the world’s priorities through research that transcends—and breaks—boundaries.

    With your support, we can create innovative research initiatives to address society’s most significant challenges.