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The GW School of Business (GWSB) is uniquely poised to respond to challenges and opportunities at the intersection of business, government, and society, and we are framing a 21st century business school education that meets the evolving needs of faculty and students.

GWSB is committed to elevating our reputation as a thought leader and pioneering the future of business education.

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Support a Diverse and Outstanding Student Body

Scholarships and fellowships play an important role in creating a diverse and outstanding student body. GWSB is committed to ensuring that deserving undergraduate and graduate students have the support necessary to reach their full potential as scholars and future business leaders. Scholarships help attract top applicants and provide our students with the freedom to follow their true passions, including internships and jobs in the public or nonprofit sectors.

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Prepare for a Global Business Environment

GWSB brings together theory and practice while embodying the principals of civility and integrity that are needed in our future business leaders. Our academic programs, led by preeminent scholars and respected business practitioners, are training our students for a global business environment. Our internationally recognized centers and advanced learning initiatives conduct innovative research, promote scholarship, and demonstrate thought leadership, providing students a competitive edge and yielding benefits to society overall.

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Prepare Future Business Leaders to Break New Ground

GWSB provides students with hands-on experiences in locations around the world, providing insight into developed and emerging markets by incorporating a strong international orientation. By growing our global initiatives and fostering partnerships with international universities and organizations, GWSB is poised to educate business leaders for the 21st century and beyond.

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