• Flag Day 2017

    GW Flag Day 2017 Recap

GW Flag Day: April 12, 2017

GW Flag Day
Commander-in-Chief Flag

Wednesday, April 12, marked the third annual GW Flag Day, a campus-wide effort to educate students, faculty, and staff about the ways in which philanthropy enables the Colonial experience.

George Washington's Commander-in-Chief flag was prominently displayed around campus to help identify the people and places supported by philanthropy.

Students participated in campus activities

  • A record-breaking 1,400 thank you cards were written to alumni donors in Kogan Plaza
  • First-ever Philanthroquest to learn about famous philanthropic landmarks and win prizes
  • School stations offered ways to learn more about donations at work in your school

Support Students on Flag Day

Student Wellbeing graphic

The Ronald W. Howard Student Assistance Fund

Former admissions staff member Ron Howard was a beloved member of the GW family. In 1997, friends established the Ronald W. Howard Student Assistance Fund in honor of Ron and his generous legacy. The fund has helped over 250 undergraduate students at the university with emergency plane tickets home, warm coats during a harsh winter, unexpected textbooks, etc.

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Colonial Crowdfunding

Colonial Crowdfunding

Colonial Crowdfunding harnesses the power of the GW network to support student-led projects and ventures. Check out this spring’s five featured student organizations.

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