Science and Engineering Hall

Designed for Discovery

Exterior Rendering of the Science and Engineering Hall

The George Washington University has the opportunity now to extend the frontiers of discovery in the center of the nation's capital with the new Science and Engineering Hall.

This hall represents a giant leap forward for the university’s research, teaching, and discovery process. Students and faculty will conduct interdisciplinary research to identify solutions to modern problems thanks in part to integrated facilities and design, modern equipment, and collaborative workspaces. Among the highlights are a state-of-the-art microscopy center, a Class 100 nanofabrication facility, and a three-story High Bay Laboratory.

Philanthropy is essential to the creation of this transformative facility.  Investment by the GW community in the bricks and mortar; in science and engineering education and research; and in faculty support will ensure the advancement of these disciplines which are crucial to the evolution of science and technology.

To learn how you can be a part of making GW an international leader in science and engineering research, please contact David Rattner (CCAS) at (202) 994-7132 or or Alexander Dippold (SEAS) at (202) 994-4051 or

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Working with bees in Foggy Bottom

Opportunities to Explore the Natural World

GW senior Katherine Berry studies pollination, or palynology, by observing pollen forager bees by tracking, marking, and collecting their pollen. Her research is in part made possible thanks to the Wilbur V. (Bill) Harlan Scholarship Trust.

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Research neighborhoods will encourage collaboration.

SEH Naming Opportunities

From high tech research space to collaborative teaching labs, the Science and Engineering Hall will offer the infrastructure necessary to support our talented community.

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